Australian Was Kicked Off Flight For Not Turning Off Phone - His Reason is Ridiculous

Melbourne, AUS - A passenger was allegedly removed off a Qantas flight from Melbourne to Sydney, after he refused to stop using his phone as the plane taxied for takeoff, according to the man involved and a series of videos posted to YouTube and a blogpost from the passenger who filmed them.

Billy McKinney told NBC News he had an urgent need to use his phone after everyone had boarded Qantas Flight 2035 on April 18, and after hearing his plane was third in line to take off, flight attendants became worried about what the man was doing on his phone.

After Billy refused to turn off the phone for the 5th time, the flight attendant was forced to push the take off back and caused a dramatic series of events.

When worried passengers asked Billy to turn off his phone, he stated that he couldn’t.

His reasoning? After 15 more minutes, Billy finally told the flight attendant that he need to finish the game of Fortnite. A very popular game amongst teenagers that has gone viral.

But after continuing to wait on the tarmac, the flight attendant had no other choice to follow protocol and kick Billy off the flight. After 45 minutes of headache, Billy was finally kicked off and fined $10k for the trouble.

“I got Victory Royale is it doesn’t matter! I’m sorry for the headache I caused.”

Nowadays, it seems like people would do anything for a game.

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