Reasons Couples With Small Kids Separate


Raising children can be one of the most difficult tasks imaginable and can put tremendous amounts of strain and stress on even the most durable of relationships. Many young couples will struggle to maintain healthy bonds when having to deal with the constant demand that is raising small children and the difficult is only compounded by each addition to the household. It has nothing to do with a couples love, respect and understanding for one another but something much more basic that causes a breakdown in the relationship. Lack of sleep, disorganisation and strain on financials are some of the main reasons couples will have difficulty. In this blog we will look a bit more in-depth into some of the reasons parents of small children will split up.


1. Stressful conditions of raising children is one of the main reasons tensions will build up when raising children. Without the ability to take frustration out on small children that means there is only one direction it will go.


2. The addition of babies and children will great a rift in the intimacy of a couple. When the passion is gone it can be quite upsetting and leave people feeling alienated.


3. As there will always be noise, tasks to do and people to care for there will be a lack of communication and disorganisation between the parents which will cause problems.


4. The lack of sleep and general rest will have the body in a constant state of adrenaline rush which can cause even the most calm of people to snap.


5. People often have kids earlier into a relationship and when the passion is gone and kids are in the house couples may find they have a vast difference in personality and interests. 


It is important to maintain healthy relationships between parents not only for themselves but for the children they are raising together. Together is the key word so make sure that there is open communication, shared responsibility and a practice of intimacy still.


Parents of young children should always be prepared for the messiest of disasters and have a well provisioned household. Make sure that young kids have extra t-shirts and pants. 


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